Considering the Horse: Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons by Mark Rashid

By Mark Rashid

Mark Rashid’s enjoyable tales will introduce you to quiet suggestions for resolving education difficulties from the horse’s perspective. themes contain flooring manners, deciding on up ft, headshyness, trailer loading, mounting difficulties, balking, and head tossing. while you are approximately to shop for a horse and certainly when you are approximately to promote your horse as a result of difficulties, or perhaps should you basically want you owned a horse, this e-book provides you with a complete new viewpoint into the horse’s perspective.

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I gazed past the combination of weeds and alfalfa plants that had somehow managed to grow inside the pen, to the old power pole that still stood in the middle. Just inches above the tops of the weeds were scars of the pole's many battles with the horses that had been snubbed to it. Three separate indentations an inch or more deep had been made by the hundreds of ropes used to snub horses to the pole. Page 21 I've often thought of how some people's attitudes towards horse training are a lot like that old poleunyielding and unforgiving and buried so deep that you can't get them out.

This usually brings them pretty quickly," she said, shaking the bucket. In the distance, I could see their heads come up in response to the sound of the grain. One by one, each of the eleven head grazing in the pasture began to make their way towards us, first at a walk, then a trot, and finally a lope. After going only a short distance in the lope, they dropped back to a trot, and then a walk, as if to say, It's too damn hot to run, even if they do have grain. She dumped the grain on the ground in several small piles as the horses reached us, and we were able to catch her mare with little difficulty.

The horse was quiet and responsive, not only in the walk but the trot and lope as well. The old man saw me and rode over. As he approached, he gently asked the horse to stop by leaning slightly backwards and quietly picking up on the reins. The horse stopped in mid-stride and immediately relaxed with his head down. "Well," he said dropping the reins over the horse's neck so he could light a cigarette. " I said, shaking my head in disbelief. "I didn't get him to do anything," he replied. "This has been a quiet horse all along.

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