Colloquium: Topological insulators by Hassan M.Z., Kane C.L.

By Hassan M.Z., Kane C.L.

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4). Some of these had already been engulfed by astrocytes . Many of these degenerating structures could be identified as dendritic spines, but none as presynaptic elements. These electron dense spines were rather sparsely distributed, suggesting that they were more likely associated with interneurons than with granule cells. It is not clear which of the many dentate interneurons (Amaral, 1978) would yield dendritic degeneration confined to the perforant path terminal zone, except for those intrinsic to the molecular layer.

Neocortex Within the first 6 h after the occlusion, a few clusters of degenerating neurons could be identified in layers 3 and 6 of the somatosensory neocortex at the same rostrocaudal level as the striatal degeneration (Fig. 3A,B). In the next 24 h, the number of degenerating layer 3 pyramidal cells markedly increased at that rostrocaudal level and then the band of degenerating neurons spread caudally to the level of the mid-dorsal hippocampus and ventrally toward the rhinal fissure. Neuronal degeneration became prominent in the upper part of layer 6 of the somatosensory neocortex 2-3 days after the occlusion (Fig.

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