Behind Enemy Lines (Star Trek: The Next Generation / The by John Vornholt

By John Vornholt

From the Gamma quadrant they came-- hordes of fierce Jem'Hadar warriors commanded through the mysterious Changelings, who will cease at not anything to accomplish victory over either the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Now that the kingdom has entered into an unholy alliance with the Cardassian army regime and seized keep an eye on of Deep area 9, Starfleet reveals itself scuffling with a wasting conflict opposed to unbeatable odds. As strong fleets conflict within the lethal battleground of house, the destiny of the complete Alpha Quadrant hangs within the stability. The Enterprise-E is patrolling the Cardassian border, bracing for the joint Dominion-Cardassian offensive that Starfleet is aware will come quickly, while Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his group are reunited with a former crewmate, pal, and enemy: Ro Laren. The onetime officer, who defected from Starfleet to hitch the insurgent Maquis, brings annoying information. Deep in the back of enemy strains, the kingdom is trying to construct a man-made wormhole that may let them skip the mined Bajoran wormhole and produce clean reinforcements into the Alpha Quadrant, changing the stability of energy irrevocably. If Captain Picard can't cease the undertaking, the recent wormhole will warrantly the last word victory of the kingdom!

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With barely concealed hatred, the boy glared at Picard as he left, but the stalwart captain was too absorbed by more pressing concerns to notice. " asked Ro. "They'll be protected, but if we lose the war--" Picard's glower finished his sentence. "All I know is, if you're correct about the Dominion building an artificial wormhole, then all is lost. Unless we destroy it. I've asked Starfleet for permission to investigate your report, and their response was... " He sighed. "They refuse to allow us to risk the Enterprise on such a mission.

But we have your transport in tow, and Data says it can be repaired. " He strode from the lounge, his back stiff with resolve. Ro watched him leave, then shook her head in amazement. " "Yes," agreed Deanna. " Ro Laren finished her report and dropped her hands to her sides, gazing expectantly at the officers gathered in the observation lounge. In her face was that odd mixture of intensity and indifference which Picard had come to expect from her. She hadn't given them any more than a secondhand account, hadn't furnished any proof, yet her statement was chilling, especially the account of ships full of Federation prisoners.

Snapped Ro. " He gave her a weary smile and gripped her shoulders. "Laren, you're the only one who can pull off a mission like this. We've got to gain control of the evacuation, so we don't just have people scattering to the four winds. We'll never find each other again. The Maquis are a community, even if we keep getting chased off our land. I'll feel better knowing you're on Bajor. " Ro's nose ridges compressed like a bellows. " "No. Someone has got to move our weapons stores, and I'm the only one who knows where everything is.

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