Active Continental Margins — Present and Past, 1st Edition by Peter Giese, J. Behrmann (auth.), P. Giese, J. Behrmann

By Peter Giese, J. Behrmann (auth.), P. Giese, J. Behrmann (eds.)

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These deltas, 50 -100 m thick in the studied section, consist of thick interbedded sands tone granules and conglomeratic beds (Fig. 6 section 4:b; Fig. 7c) deposited as Gilbert-type deltas (Ori and Roveri, 1987; Meteora Conglomerates). Further south in the Kalambaka area, the Mesohellenie Trough narrows considerably and intense synorogenic uplift is reflected in non-marine or shallow marine sedimentation with coarse alluvial or fan delta deposits and several internal unconformities. In this area, fan delta deposits accumulated in the whole basin.

Z Dtsch Geol Ges 133: 445 -455 Zygojiannis N, Sidiropoulos D (1981 a) Schwermineralverteilungen und paläogeographische Grundzüge der tertiären Molasse in der Mesohellenischen Senke, Nordwest-Griechenland. N Jahrb Geol Paläontol Mh 1981: 100-128 Zygojiannis N, Sidiropoulos D (1981 b) Schwermineralverteilungen im SE-Randgebiet der Mesohellenischen Molasse (Thessalien, NW -Griechenland). Sonderveröff Geol Inst Köln 41: 331- 340 © Springer-Verlag 1994 Geol Rundsch (1994) 83: 276-292 G. Zulauf Ductile normal faulting along the West Bohemian Shear Zone (MoldanubianjTepla-Barrandian boundary): evidence for late Variscan extensional collapse in the Variscan Internides Received: 17 June 1993/ Accepted: 4 January 1994 Abstract Structural and kinematic investigations of the West Bohemian Shear Zone (WBS) dearly indicate late Variscan orogen-parallel (WSW - ENE) extension within the Variscan internides.

The 'Krania Thrust' to the west formed during the Late Eocene (progressive subsidence including the deposition of interchannellobe and debris flow sediments adjacent to the thrust front). Later, during the latest Eocene, the Apulian Thrust to the east back-tilted the already deposited sediments in the Krania basin. 5a-c. Evolutionary tectonosedimentary diagrams, not in scale, in the southern end of the central part of the trough. a Late Eocene foredeep; b synchronous, uppermost Eocene, piggy-back and foredeep development; c Early Oligocene abandonment of the piggy-back with continuously active foredeep.

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