A treatise on chemistry by Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles

By Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles Henry Jeens; Bernard Mouat Jones

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148-5 . 203-6 . 231-5 117-8 . 480 . 183-5 . 240-0 . 512 . 92-5 64-9 . 90-0 NAMES OF THE KLEMENTS. £3 In addition to the above the existence of several other elements, discovered in certain rate Norwegian and American minerals, has been announced. These, however, have not as yet been very perfectly investigated, and their atomic weights and chemical, relationships remain undetermined. For the sake of convenience it is customary to divide the elements into two classes—the Metals and the Non-Motak, or Metalloids, a distinction which was first made about the time of Lavoisier, when only a few elements were known.

From these statements it is clear that Lavoisier considered that the air consists of two different elastio fluids, but that he was not acquainted with Priestley's discovery of oxygen. Nor were bis views at this time so precise or well defined as we should gather from reading bis papers published in the memoirs of the French Academy for 1774 The explanation is simple enough, inasmuch as owing to the careless and tardy manner in which the memoirs of the French Academy were at that time edited, changes in the original communications were frequently made by the writers before publication, so that the papers printed in the memoirs were corrected to suit alteration in view or in foot which had become known to the authors between the times of reading and of publication.

Zn Cadmium . Cd 92 23-94 64-9 111-6 Tin. . Tifeanium. - , . . Sn Ti • Zr TJi 117-8 48-0 90-0 231-5 Lead . Pb Thallium . XI 206-4 203-6 Copper. Ou Silver . Ag Mercury . Hg « 631 > 107-66 = 199-8 Vanadium Antimony Bismuth . Tantalum Niobium. . . V Sb Bi Ta Kb 51'2 122*0 210*0 1820 94-0 Yttrium . Cerium. Lanthanum Bidymium Terbium . Erbium . : 92'5 . 141-2 = 139 = 147 = 1485 * 169 Y Ce La Di Tr Er Aluminium Al — 27-3 Indium. In — 113*4 Gidlium . 6a «• 69-8 Gold . . Au = 19(5-2 Platinum.

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