A Roman Centurion by Stewart Ross

By Stewart Ross

Describes the constitution of the Roman military and the daily lifetime of a soldier, his education, guns, self-discipline, campaigns, and existence in retirement.

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Fierce parts. attacked over the frontiers. D. 476, Rome was captured by ferocious barbarians, called Goths. With the end itself The army became weaker. The Romans never had a good cavalry, of the and the organized world of the centurion was to legionaries found it difficult deal with the skilled horsemen who now empire, the well- for ever. attacked them. Fewer and fewer Roman joined the army. D. D. 476. * M /f $\ifii r -i r t t^ftfU Glossary Barbarians The description given by the Romans to those people living outside their empire.

Normally, if a centurion was not killed, he retired at the end of his twenty-five years in the army. He A When A get in the centurions centurion's retirement villa this one in Littlecote House may have in the country of their birth. might marry and raise a family. Many bought farms or small businesses. They had given a good deal to the empire. In return, they were allowed to spend their final years in well-earned peace and prosperity. retired centurion been decorated with beautiful floor mosaics like in Wiltshire, England.

Given the silver spear In A centurion Retirement would look forward to his retirement when he might marry and raise a family. Roman soldiers were not allowed to never to the was camp at Lincoln. This Britons, for example, were posted to supposed to keep soldiers from becoming too friendly with the legions in Jerusalem or Bonn, but local people. serve 28 in the land of their birth. D. centurions were not allowed to marry. They were supposed to the army. would Women, way be devoted to it was felt, was given generous amounts of land and money.

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