A Practical Guide to Keeping Healthy Fish in a Stable by L. Jepson, Visit Amazon's Lance Jepson Page, search results,

By L. Jepson, Visit Amazon's Lance Jepson Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Lance Jepson,

Specific guideline advises on water temperature and chemistry, gravels, and the simplest apparatus to assist continue a healthy surroundings for aquarium fish. Aquarium hobbyists enhance their abilities through learning the in actual fact captioned, step by step, full-color images on each web page of Tankmasters Books. those books. show—rather than in basic terms tell—how to take care of colourful and fascinating fish tanks, with each web page actually full of photographs and different illustrations. All have distinct and instructive captions. each one booklet specializes in a special element of both freshwater or marine aquarium upkeep, and explains every little thing from fish and plant kinds to bubblers, filters, and different aquarium components. greater than 2 hundred illustrations in each one e-book.

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