A Chair in the Air by Alanna Zabel

By Alanna Zabel

Via an lovely story-rhyme, Mahini Yogini teaches little Nicky the best way to deal with his wild, artistic strength via perform of yoga. Nicky learns the elemental Hatha yoga postures, in addition to the energy to ask for forgiveness to his mother for breaking her vase.

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The creation of Hatha-Yoga is intimately connected with the name of the semilegendary adept Gorakshanatha (Hindi: Gorakhnath), who may have lived in the eleventh century CE. He is credited with the authorship of many Sanskrit texts, but these seem to have survived only as fragments and in quotations in later works. The most important Hatha-Yoga texts are the Hatha-Yoga-Pradipika (Light on the Forceful Yoga), the Gheranda-Samhita (Compendium of Gheranda), and the Shiva-Samhita (Shiva’s Compendium).

In this way, the practitioner gave active life its proper due before taking up the contemplative lifestyle of a renouncer (samnyasin), who is wholly dedicated to the pursuit of truth through solitary meditation, introspection, and wisdom. In the middle of the first millennium BCE, a first powerful effort was made to integrate wisdom with action in the teaching of the Bhagavad-Gita. This effort also brought the strong human capacity for love (bhakti) into the equation. In fact, this venerated scripture stands at the threshold of an entire long-lived spiritual movement of devotionalism, focusing on the worship of God in personal form, notably Lord Krishna.

You have obtained it, steadfast to truth. May we find, Naciketas, an inquirer like you. 1–9) The youth named Naciketas is a symbol for all serious aspirants tired of earthly goods and desiring to know the glorious Reality, the ultimate Being. Yama, God of Death, is a symbol for the spiritual teacher (guru), who spells the end of the aspirant’s self-centeredness and ordinary perception of the world. But just as death is merely a transformation from one level of existence to another, so the Lord of Death and all spiritual teachers after him are gateways to a new understanding and a new, sacred mode of life.

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