Passage Meditation: Bringing the Deep Wisdom of the Heart by Eknath Easwaran

By Eknath Easwaran

Written through a hugely revered instructor who taught meditation for over 40 years, this publication delivers all you want to begin meditating. With quiet humor, realism, and heat, Easwaran offers transparent directions and issues out the pitfalls. He explains the idea underlying meditation, and conveys the deep pleasure, safety, and selfless strength that typical perform can bring.

In Easwaran’s common approach to passage meditation, you decide a non secular textual content, or passage, from the world’s nice traditions that embodies your maximum beliefs. You memorize it, after which ship it deep into attention via gradual, sustained recognition. this system of meditation remains clean since you can range the passages in keeping with your individual wishes. With common perform, the passages turn into lifelines, taking you to the resource of knowledge deep inside of after which guiding you thru the demanding situations of day-by-day life.

Meditation is supported through seven different issues in Easwaran’s religious application, supporting you to stick calm, sort, and targeted during the day.

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Don’t let your mind wander from the words of the inspirational passage. If you want to ruminate on the stock exchange, get a copy of the Wall Street Journal and study it later. Under no circumstances should you try to answer questions or recall things during meditation. That is exactly what the mind wants; it tries to escape and become enmeshed in something – anything – else. The only strategy is to keep your concentration on m e d i tat i o n o n a pa ss a g e 45 the passage as much and as long as you can.

In theory we would like the mind to listen to us obediently, but in fact it will not – chiefly because we have never taught it how. Augustine’s words speak plainly: “I can tell my hand what to do and it will do it instantly. ” Everywhere there are a few people who will not accept this condition, who see it as a loss of freedom, a kind of bondage. My grandmother, my spiritual teacher, knew nothing about cars, but she understood the mind. When I would give tit-fortat to others, wax angry because they were angry or standoffish because they stood off, she would say, “Son, when you act that way, you remind me of a rubber ball.

The dawn brings freshness, renewal. Birds and other creatures know this; we, “the crown of creation,” do not seem to. I have met a few students who were very late risers indeed. ” He smiled sheepishly. “Never. ” At first, true, there may be conflict about leaving your bed as the first rays of the sun peep in, especially when the weather is chilly. I have a simple suggestion for young people: give one mighty leap, right out of bed! Don’t think – just act. To become more alert, you might try a headstand or shoulder stand, or a few exercises.

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