Cosmology, Physics, and Philosophy: Including a New Theory by Benjamin Gal-Or

By Benjamin Gal-Or

What's unorthodox during this e-book? a lot has occurred within the previous few years, specially by way of the a little bit surpris­ ing fee at which the theories provided herein were gaining expanding reputation and help even by means of the main skeptical execs. however, the aim of this up-dated Preface isn't really to inform the biographical and popularity tale at the back of this publication, yet to collect a few non-physical and non­ technical conclusions for these readers who locate the physico-mathematical sections of this booklet too tough to stick with. A secondary objective is to give right here a few more moderen conclu­ sions, particularly generally philosophy and in aesthetics. but, the most physico­ philosophical conclusions provided during this ebook aren't to be summarized the following. For that function one needs to tum to the textual content itself. * * * The theories offered the following were constructed in overall isolation. They have been by no means offered in "professional conferences", as most modern writers do. even if that was once vital is still obvious. therefore, all i will kingdom to critics and enthusiastic persist with­ ers alike is the truth that i don't belong to any 'formal discipline', 'pressure group', or 'pro­ fessional organization'.

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0001 second is not too limiting for understanding the rest of cosmic evolution. One last remark about the validity of general relativity. It was by employing Einstein's general relativity, that astrophysicists calculated the chemical compositions of the material emerging from the initial stages of the universal expansion. And, it is widely regarded as one of the more important triumphs of the theory that it enables scientists to predict that this material is about 27% helium and 70% hydrogenin a remarkable agreement with all available astronomical observations (Lectures VI, I and III).

Should it be from historical speculations to vindications by modern empirical science, or vice versa? It is in the Assertions below that I postulate the idea that large (cosmological) systems dominate the evolution and development of smaller systems, not vice versa. It is in Lecture VI where this postulate is first vindicated by employing recent empirical data that span a broad range of modem science. And it is in subsequent lectures that this postulate is confirmed further and employed to arrive at some entirely new concepts of science and philosophy.

12 Introduction philosophy, he knew Einstein intimately and long. His understanding of Einstein's methodology may be best demonstrated by the following: "Since Einstein was chiefly interested in the general laws of physics or, more precisely, in deriving logically the immeasurable field of our experiences from a few principles, he soon came into contact with a set of problems that are usually dealt with in philosophical works. Unlike the average specialist, he did not stop to inquire whether a problem belonged to his field or whether its solutions could be left to the philosophers" [Philip Frank, Einstein: His Life and Times, Alfred Knopf, 1953,1972] Today this methodology is almost totally forgotten.

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