Corpus Hermeticum by A cura di Ilaria Ramelli

By A cura di Ilaria Ramelli

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The mild yet strong messages during this publication are provided as an reduction to this touch with our divine resource and will be used as a whole educating in tips to dwell a religious existence. Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn origin, a world religious neighborhood in northern Scotland, has obtained information from her 'God inside' for over 50 years.

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With Beelzebub's stories to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff meant to "destroy, mercilessly . . . the ideals and perspectives approximately every little thing current on the planet. " This novel fantastically brings to lifestyles the visions of humanity for which Gurdjieff has develop into esteemed. Beelzebub, a guy of worldly (and other-worldly) knowledge, stocks along with his grandson the anecdotes, own philosophies, and classes realized from his personal existence.

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3 -5. 10Cp. P . Mahadevan, In vita tio n to Indian Philosophy, Arnold Heinemann, 1982, pp. 311-13. P . Mahadevan, uThe Idea o f God in ¿ a iva SiddhäntcP, art. , pp. 3 -5 . 12R. Ramanujachari, ¿aiva Sid dh a n ta , Tiruppanandal Endowment Lectures, 1984, Annamaiai University, pp. 10-12. P . Mahadevan, uThe Idea o f God in ¿ aiv a SiddhäntcP, art. , pp. 3 -5 . 42 M ysticism in Shaivism and Christianity The transcendent nature of Siva is emphasized by regard­ ing Him as the efficient cause of the world.

Gnanananda lived at the peak of mystic expe­ rience, where all schools of thought are reconciled and tran­ scended. He seemed to represent to every seeker his own faith. / He was a master of both Saiva Siddhánta and Vedanta lore and quoted profusely from the texts of both traditions. He emphasized the importance of eschewing philosophical dis­ putation and going beyond discursive thinking. Swami Abhishiktananda asks him: “W hat is Swamiji’s position concerning Reality? Is it dvaita or advaital When all is said and done, does any difference remain between God and crea­ tures?

But the universe does not exhaust His nature. He is also visvddhika (more than the universe). He exceeds the uni­ verse, while being its Ground. Hence He cannot be perceived and comprehended by thought. He has no name and form. 11 Existing is His own right, He is Sat, Being, He is Cit, the Supreme Intelligence, Self-luminous and knows all directly. It is G od’s intelligence that enlightens the soul, enables it to gather knowledge of the world through senses and other accessories of itself and of the Lord.

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