Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue, Books 1-3 by Neale Donald Walsch

By Neale Donald Walsch

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3. You may allow the collective consciousness to create The Moment. Here is an irony: In your present life you find it difficult to create consciously from your individual awareness, and, indeed, often assume your individual understandings to be wrong, given all that you are seeing around you, and so, you surrender to the collective consciousness, whether it serves you to do so or not. In the first moments of what you call the afterlife, on the other hand, you may find it difficult to surrender to the collective consciousness, given all that you are seeing around you (which may be unbelievable to you), and so you will be tempted to hold to your own individual understandings, whether they serve you or not.

You’re doing it right now! Do you see? There is no such thing as time. 32 This, too, we have discussed before. It is worth reviewing here. Yes. Tell me again how this works. Past, present, and future are concepts you have constructed, realities you have invented, in order to create a context within which to frame your present experience. Otherwise, all of your (Our) experiences would be overlapping. They actually are overlapping—that is, happening at the same “time”—you simply don’t know this. You’ve placed yourself in a perception shell that blocks out the Total Reality.

So magnificent was this thought that you literally exploded with delight! In that explosion of delight was created space between the parts of you, and the time it took to move from one part of yourself to another. In this way you literally tore your Self apart to look at the pieces of you. ” You’ve been picking up the pieces ever since. That’s all my life is! I’m just putting together the pieces, trying to see if they make any sense. 37 And it is through the device called time that you have managed to separate the pieces, to divide the indivisible, thus to see it and experience it more fully, as you are creating it.

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