Conure: Your Happy Healthy Pet by Julie Rach Mancini

By Julie Rach Mancini

Your satisfied fit Pet

The authoritative details and suggestion you would like, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly!

Outgoing, pleased, inquisitive little acrobats, conures are unique spouse birds. they are small in measurement, yet enormous in character. This consultant is helping you're making your conure part of your loved ones, with info on:
* deciding upon your conure
* making a secure, stimulating domestic to your bird
* daily care, together with feeding and bathing
* Clipping your conure's wings--why, while, and how
* education counsel, from getting your conure happy with you to potty education to educating tips similar to experience within the Wagon, Nod Your Head, and Play Dead
* instructing your conure to talk

Conures are usually cuddly and mostly splendidly affectionate, so you will get loads of love out of your little feathered friend!

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After all the debris has been removed, disinfect the cage with a birdsafe spray-on disinfectant that you can buy at a pet supply store. Let the disinfectant remain on the cage bars as directed by the instructions on the bottle and then rinse thoroughly to remove the disinfectant from the cage. Dry the cage completely. While the cage is drying, clean the perches and accessories. Scrape and wash the perches to keep them clean and free of debris. ) Replace perches that are very chewed or cannot be cleaned.

Try to keep your pet away from anything that has a strong chemical odor, and be sure to apply makeup and hair care products far away from your conure. To help protect your pet from harmful chemical fumes, consider using some “green” cleaning alternatives, such as baking soda and vinegar to clear clogged drains, baking soda instead of scouring powder to clean tubs and sinks, lemon juice and mineral oil to polish furniture, and white vinegar and water as a window cleaner. These products keep the environment a little friendlier for your bird, and these simple solutions to cleaning problems often work better than higher-priced, name-brand products.

Here’s how to set up your conure’s cage. • Select the right location. Your conure will be more comfortable if • • • • • her cage is set up in a part of the house that you and your family use regularly, such as a family room. Your conure’s cage should be out of the main traffic flow of the room, but still be in the room so you can include your bird in normal activities, such as watching TV. ) Set the cage up with a solid wall behind it. Your conure will feel more secure if she has a solid wall behind her cage because nothing can sneak up on her from behind.

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