Controversies and the Metaphysics of Mind by Dr. Yaron M. Senderowicz

By Dr. Yaron M. Senderowicz

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The Kantian framework  claims involved in the higher level illusory. In other words, we may maintain the epistemic continuum of the two respective intellectual fields while acknowledging the epistemic gap that this continuum contains. The demand for knowledge of the unconditioned applies to the domain of empirical knowledge, that is, to what is given in empirical perception. 18 It indicates the partial autonomy of the activity of metaphysical inquiries in the epistemic continuum that includes both metaphysics and the sciences.

The pure use of the concepts of reason seems to have existential implications. These are due to the link between the logical maxim of pure reason that requires one “to find the unconditioned for conditioned cognitions of the understanding, with which its unity will be completed” (CPR A 307/B364) and the principle of pure reason mentioned above. Kant believed that the link between the logical principle of pure reason and the logical maxim of pure reason is both natural and deceptive. The maxim of pure reason presupposes the principle of pure reason.

Given the standard account of knowledge, epistemic reasons are reasons to believe that the proposition is true.  Also, the distinction between the two types of reasons cannot be based on differences between types of epistemic warrant. Defeasibility cannot constitute the difference between arguments and proofs. In most empirical cases, the recognizable reasons are defeasible. Not all reasons to believe are epistemic reasons, since epistemic motives are often inextricably intertwined with non-epistemic motives.

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