Continuity and Innovation in the Aramaic Legal Tradition by Andrew Gross

By Andrew Gross

This ebook argues that Aramaic scribes from antiquity drew upon a typical felony culture. It identifies the certain parts that shape the middle of this custom and strains their antecedents in the cuneiform checklist.

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In Postgate’s view, the Middle Assyrian deeds of sale available to us are merely “interim” texts recording the details of the sales transaction before it has been fully validated. The key to his argument lies with a couple clauses that regularly appear after the operative section in sale documents for real estate. ” 127 Thus, at the time of the tablet’s composition, the transaction was not yet considered to have been totally validated. This required another stage in the process, the end result of which 124 Postgate 1982:308; 1997:160.

59 On double documents in the Judean Desert, see Koffmahn 1968; Yadin 1971:229–31; and Lewis 1989:6–10. On double documents in the Greco-Roman world, see Wenger 1923:2408–2430; Benoit, Milik, and de Vaux 1961:244–47; Wolff 1978–2002:2:57–80. 60 On the differences in witnessing and signatures in double documents and simple documents, see Mishnah Bava Batra 10:1–2; Tosefta Bava Batra 11:1; Yardeni 1997:11; Schiffman 2003b and 2005:201–2. The Judean Desert papyri include two deeds of sale that are simple documents: P.

While the texts remain unpublished, R. html. 148 On the history of ïana and the major questions relating thereto, see Podany 2002 and the subsequent reviews in Dietrich 2001 and Charpin 2002. 149 Buccellati and Kelly-Buccellati 1997:189. Terqa may at one time have been the capital of ïana, or at least a major urban center therein. 150 Podany 2002:155–69. For editions of the texts that have been published to date, see Podany 2002:75–153 and Rouault 1979; 1984. 151 The expression “protection clause” is adopted from Podany 2002:162.

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