Congress Volume, Copenhagen 1953 [Supplements to Vetus by No author

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This Congress quantity has turn into while a Memorial to Aage Bentzen who used to be born December thirteen, 1894 in Ordrup and died ]une four, 1953 in Copenhagen. He was once President of the foreign association of previous testomony students and a member of the Editorial Board of Vetus Testamentum from 1950 till hls demise.

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Words in the first class are easily recogruzed if they contain consonants whlch are not the same in Aramaic and Hebrew or vowels whlch the Massoretes have not obscured. Such are tinnäh 'praised' in the Song of Deborah, whlch has extended its range into other branches of literature, 2) pära! ä'an 'loaded', whlch the Elohlst uses once each. Such words were probably endemie in the northern dialect and, wherever they were used, were perhaps often not felt to be foreign. So too 'essaq 'I go up' exhlbits an Aramaistie form.

So too 'essaq 'I go up' exhlbits an Aramaistie form. Mter the exile Aramaie forms of thls sort became increasingly numerous (for example räba' for räbaf 'lay down' and maddä' for dë'äh 'knowiedge') but w;re probably long regarded, except the commonest, as loan-words by educated pers ons, espedally when verb and noun came to represent different types of formation. Loan-words distinguished by the· vocalization are not so easy to detect, sinee that of those whleh came early into the language has been hebraized (for example 'eno!

I 3 34 G. R. pl ktr I'Z 'mn 'craftsman' zwyt 'corner' bp 'clean' kp 'rock' mwq 'to mock' swg 'to fence in' slh 'despised' 'checked' 1) 'kb psq rg! bb 11! twn 'thought' 'mixed drink' 'purpose' r' 'haven' Some words, commonly confined to prose, have several, chiefly poetical, synonyms derived from various sources of which one is almost always an Aramaic dialect: b'! - (1,2) - Zh (3,4) 'who(m), which' 'dm (2,3) and ')! (2) - 'nw! ) - rqb (3) ') 'skin-bottle' nt/ (3, 4) - bi! 6) (2) and Nh (3, 4) and prq (3, 4) 'rescued' 'zr (4) and bgr (3) - 'sr 6) (3) and bzq 7) (3) 'girded' yb!

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