Complete Works of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan: Lectures by Hazrat Inayat Khan

By Hazrat Inayat Khan

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If he sees beauty, thinks of beauty, expresses beauty, he lives in beauty . If on the contrary he sees ugliness, he expresses ugliness, he is deprives of this beauty for which his soul naturally longs . 20 . The second aspect of prayer is to realise one's limitations in comparison to the perfection of God . When man calls Him Almighty, and considers himself as weak and small ; when man calls Him All-Knowing, and? understands his own ignorance ; when he calls Him his King and stands before Him as His servant, these comparisons open up, so to speak, before man the gap which is between man and God 8 It makes man conscious of its9 limitations10 and of his smallness ; and naturally humbles him before God .

2, bk . : "needs " 113. 2, bk . : "His mind fights against it" 114. Lf . 1 : changed by Gd . into "History proves that religion . .? . 2, bk . : "In history we find that most wars have been caused by disputes about religion" 115. 2, bk . : "in the West there are people who are proud of not believing in God " 116 . 1 : this sentence omitted ; bk . : added, "are the origin of life " 117 . Lf . : this sentence remained incomplete ; all other documents : omitted 118 . 2, bk. : "It is the greatest error/tragedy if one deprives oneself of God, because there cannot be any other means for man of rising to a higher consciousness", but in bk .

More difficult it is" 26 . Rm . : Gr . tp . : "possible", because the word "easy" may not have been clearly legible after Gr . wrote "possible" across it 27 . tp . 's hwr. to "everybody" 28 . Rm . : Gr . tp . : "formless" 4 of God is the perfect love. The love of mate is one, the love of friend is one, the love of parents of children . But in the love of God there is all . Therefore His joy is perfect. Love of God is the love of the living and of the everlasting and the love of the true beloved .

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