Complete Book of Dog Training by Paul Loeb

By Paul Loeb

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Your standard dog always thinks of food, especially if he smells any thing in the least edible, but his intake can be easily controlled by a little discipline on your part. No dog climbs up to the cupboard and opens a can of dog food for himself! Check with your vet to determine how much your dog really needs per day and how often he needs it. Owners tend to underfeed large dogs and overfeed small ones. A dog will quickly catch on to whatever eating schedule you set up for him. Dogs do not know clock time, certainly, but they catch on to regular schedules such as when you usually return home from work.

My little Maltese, Inches, was too small to take on Plum personally, so he would defecate right next to the Weimaraner's food dish, kick out his four legs, and trot off victoriously. I have to remind many a client that when a dog urinates near, or on, a human being, it's not simply a question of housebreaking. The dog is showing his aggression and dominance over his human counterparts. One dog belonging to a family of children directed by a nanny would relieve himself only in the bedsheets-probably because nanny was so used to covering up the kids' lapses in toilet training that she concealed the dog's misbehavior too; but also because he felt he owned the children and was letting them know it by adding his own territorial claims.

A dog can pick up the reactions of other people as well as his master and will, again, act accordingly. Tito could easily hear the "too young" attitude in the words of any "authoritative old gentleman"-not necessarily the words, but the tone of voice. " Like his master, a dog reacts only to what concerns him; the rest bores him. And so, dogs quickly learn to respond to your tone of voice, because they can easily use it as an index to your pleasure or anger. To prove this quickly, praise your dog in a stern, harsh voice and watch his tail and ears droop.

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