Collected Essays, Volume 1: Ancient Israel and Its by Na'aman, Nadav

By Na'aman, Nadav

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Rethinking the Mediterranean

During this number of essays, a global crew of well known students try and identify the theoretical foundation for learning the traditional and medieval background of the Mediterranean Sea and the lands round it. In so doing they vary a long way afield to different Mediterraneans, actual and imaginary, as far-off as Brazil and Japan.

Late Stone Age Hunters of the British Isles

For 7,000 years after the final ice age, the folks of the British Isles subsisted by way of looking wild video game and amassing culmination of the woodland and foreshore. Belonging to the overdue higher Palaelithic and Mesolithic sessions, those hunter-gatherers have hitherto been seen mostly when it comes to stone instrument typologies.

The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 3, Part 2: The Assyrian and Babylonian Empires and Other States of the Near East, from the Eighth to the Sixth Centuries BC

In this interval the dominant powers within the East have been Assyria after which Babylonia. every one verified an in depth empire that used to be in line with Mesopotamia, and every in flip fell mostly via inner strife.

The Peloponnesian War

The Unabridged Crawley Translation, creation through Terry Wick

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VIII: 415-430. (Hebrew). Tadmor, H. 1985. Sennacherib's Campaign to Judah: Historical and Historiographical Considerations. Zion 50: 65-80 (Hebrew). Tadmor, H. 1994. The Inscriptions ofTiglath-pileser III King of Assyria. Jerusalem. Tadmor, H. 1979. Ahaz and Tiglath-Pileser in the Book ofKings. Historiographic Considerations. Biblica 60: 491-508. F. 1957. Israel and the Aramaeans of Damascus. London. Ungnad, A. 1938. Eponymen. RLA II: 412-457. Ussishkin, D. 1982. The Conquest ofLachish by Sennacherib.

Na'aman, N. 1979a. Sennacherib's Campaign' to Judah and the Date of the LMLK Stamps. VT 29: 61-86. Na'aman, N. 1979b. The Brook of Egypt and Assyrian Policy on the Egyptian Border. Tel Aviv 6: 68-90. Na'aman, N. 1986. Hezekiah's Fortified Cities and the KMLK Stamps. BASOR 261:5-21. Na'aman, N. 1987. The Negev in the Last Century of the Kingdom of]udah. Cathedra 42: 315. (Hebrew). Naster, P. 1938. xles av. C. d'apres les annales des rois assyriennes. Louvain. North, R. 1960. Ap(h)eq(a) and 'Azeqa.

13:17). As a result of his victory,Jehoash regained all the former Israelite territories (2 Kgs. 13:25) and acquired a privileged status in the capital of Israel's former overlord (1 Kgs. 20:34). Summing up the discussion, it seems that three episodes of enforced participation in alliances are known from the time of Adad-nirari's campaigns to the west: (a) On the eve of the Assyrian campaign of 805, the Syro-Hittite kingdoms, under the leadership of Arpad, tried to force Kummuh to participate in the league.

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