Colin Wilson's 'Occult Trilogy': A Guide for Students by Colin Stanley

By Colin Stanley

The 'Occult Trilogy' is the collective label utilized to Colin Wilson's 3 significant works at the occult: The Occult (1971); Mysteries: an research into the Occult, the magical and the Supernatural (1978) and past the Occult (1988). They amounted to a huge 1600 pages and feature spawned many different lesser works.

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Lethbridge: “The only investigator of the twentieth century who has produced a comprehensive and convincing theory of the paranormal” (46), to a wider audience. According to Wilson, Lethbridge’s books fall into four groups: “…books on archaeology and primitive religion, and the books on pendulums and related matters. Legend of the Sons of God [1972] …about visitors from other worlds and the magnetic forces of the earth, belongs in a group on its own. ” (76) All of these aspects of Lethbridge’s work are considered in Part One of Mysteries.

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