CHORA / Raoul Bunschoten: From Matter to Metaspace: Cave, by Raoul Bunschoten

By Raoul Bunschoten

Dieses Buch zeichnet anhand von Situationen und Projekten unterschiedlichsten Maßstabs die Entwicklung eines architektonischen Programms von der ersten zur zweiten Haut nach und ist in four Cluster gruppiert: Höhle, Land, Horizont und Wind. Ein begleitender textual content verbindet die einzelnen Projekte mit programmatischen und poetischen Konzepten. CHORA study wurde 1994 von Raoul Bunschoten gegründet und ist mittlerweile um CHORA structure and urbanism sowie CHORA NL erweitert worden. Die Projekte, die von diesen drei Organisationen durchgeführt werden, umfassen intuitive Materialforschung, hauptsächlich Beton in seinen unterschiedlichsten Formen, Untersuchungen zu operationalen Metaspaces für Stadtplanung und Entscheidungsfindung, den Auftrag zur Entwicklung eines dynamischen Masterplans für Homerton, East London, sowie nicht-lineare Navigationstechniken und open resource Prinzipien zur Stimulierung der Co-Evolution neuer Prototypen in großräumlichen Territorien. Die entsprechenden Konzepte für diese Metaspaces sind city Gallery und city Curation .

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The pavilion becomes a connective device, an attractor of actions, a catalyst towards a policy for the Homerton X dynamic masterplan. 12 The pavilion prototype will be constructed from fibre cement, cast into a new kind of collapsible mould, fabricated by CNC machines. The prototype will be suspended in a steel frame. The future of the prototype will be a pavilion formed by several units joined together for HMP, and to industrially produce units for large joined fields. 13 Dynamic masterplanning creates intertwinings.

The line is a cut, a cut in the ground as well as a cut in history. The line is a fragment of the Green Line that divided Beirut in two parts: East and West. For many years during the seventies a savage war raged across this line, and the city was war zone, the centre a field of ruins. How can such a mark become an icon for new life, the centre for the Square of the Martyrs, an attractor of change and sign of history. 22 A weave lies across the line, forming the structure for a masterplan of mixed programme, the city is a choreography of programmes.

The Homerton Pavilion will be the focus of a cultural programme organised by local groups such as Core Arts, Chatt’s Palace, the Psychiatric wing of Homerton Hospital, HMP and other organisations. CHORA will introduce a web based support structure for the cultural planning of events related to the pavilion prototype. The organisations will be asked to act as curators of this programme, taking turns to bring people into using the curatorial tool to create actions and events. This tool, a simplified version of the Urban Gallery, will be a community learning tool.

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