Chemical Glycobiology (ACS Symposium Series) by Randall L Halcomb, Peng George Wang, Xi Chen

By Randall L Halcomb, Peng George Wang, Xi Chen

Even if the method of figuring out the organic services of carbohydrates has built slowly as a result of loss of effective methods in acquiring and learning those buildings, some time past twenty years, extraordinary advances were made in chemical and chemoenzymatic synthesis of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates. the fabric awarded during this quantity exhibits how a greater figuring out of the constitution and the functionality of carbohydrate-containing bacterial telephone wall has printed that carbohydrate-containing molecules and carbohydrate-like constructions are valuable as carbohydrate-based anti-microbial vaccines, anti-viral medicinal drugs, anti-coagulants, anti-cancer medicines, and power anti-cancer vaccines. moreover, the textual content explores the real roles that novel glycolipids were came upon to play within the immune process.

Metabolic engineering has tested itself as an effective method of probe and manage organic features of carbohydrates either in vitro and in vivo. automatic glycan research, carbohydrate microarrays, and novel high-throughput screening equipment have hastened the research and the certainty of carbohydrate-containing buildings. Polypeptide-based glycopolymers were built for the learn of multivalent binding occasions of carbohydrates and proteins. this article provides examples of those fresh advancements in utilizing chemical ideas and instruments to check glycobiology. this is often a good reference ebook for upper-division undergraduate scholars, graduate scholars, and researchers who're drawn to carbohydrate-related medicinal chemistry, natural chemistry, biology, and chemical biology.

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