Charles Correa Architect in India by Hasan-Uddin Khan

By Hasan-Uddin Khan

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The high-relief in white stone of the Fayaz-tepe monastery at Termez, represents Buddha seated in the shade of a tree surrounded by monks who look at him with a very canonical humility. The buildings of the Air-tam monastery are also decorated with sculptures in white stone. Excavations brought to light fragments of a great statue of Buddha and more recently a monumental block with an inscription in Bactrian-Kushan where Huvishka, king of the Kushan, Shodiya, the founder of the monastery, and the master Mehrzad, probably a sculptor, are mentioned.

Right) Bolo-khauz Mosque, 18th century. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (pp. 32-33) 31 34 35 During the 10th century the architectural decoration adopted a severe style, with Kufic lettering, and during the 11th and 12th centuries a more pleasant and complex lettering began to appear as well as other calligraphy with more fluid lines, the naskhi. During this period local architectural schools appeared and proved their originality even in the elaboration of traditional artistic themes. The variations in the handling of volumes and the diversity of decorative solutions gave each edifice an aspect of its own.

Sogdian sculptures Sogdian sculptures in Central Asia were already noted in the 3rd century and early 4th century because of their styles. In the sanctuary of the old town of Erkurgan, near Karachi, fragments of clay statues have been discovered dating from this time. The fragment of a head, summarily sculpted and enhanced by painting posseses something archaic that reflects the style of the ancient east. Two men’s heads found at the same place on a great flagstone of clay show the Sogdian ethnic type: the face has wide eyebrows and almond eyes, a flat nose, long twisted moustache, and pointed beard.

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