Generation Z: Zombies, Popular Culture and Educating Youth by Victoria Carrington, Jennifer Rowsell, Esther

By Victoria Carrington, Jennifer Rowsell, Esther Priyadharshini, Rebecca Westrup This ebook argues that the mythic determine [...]

Dig: Sound and Music in Hip Culture by Phil Ford

By Phil Ford Hipness has been an indelible a part of America's highbrow and cultural panorama because the Forties. however [...]

Jane Froman: Missouri's First Lady of Song (Missouri by Ilene Stone

By Ilene Stone Once requested to call the 10 most sensible woman singers, the well known musical manufacturer Billy Rose [...]

Hip-Hop Japan: Rap and the Paths of Cultural Globalization by Ian Condry

By Ian Condry In this full of life ethnography Ian Condry translates Japan’s shiny hip-hop scene, explaining how a track [...]

Wired for Sound: Engineering and Technologies in Sonic by Paul D. Greene, Thomas Porcello

By Paul D. Greene, Thomas Porcello Winner of the Society for Ethnmusicology's Klaus Wachsmann Award (2006)Wired for Sound is [...]

Beat Sound, Beat Vision: The Beat spirit and popular song by Laurence Coupe

By Laurence Coupe This e-book unearths the tips in the back of the Beat imaginative and prescient which inspired the Beat [...]

The Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book by Aye Jay, Steven Blush

By Aye Jay, Steven Blush A fast paced ship up of punk rock's most sensible bands from the previous and current, this [...]

The Beatles (Updated Edition) by Hunter Davies

By Hunter Davies The booklet that defines a band that outlined a generation. in the course of 1967 and 1968 Hunter Davies [...]

Aaliyah: More Than a Woman by Christopher John Farley

By Christopher John Farley Don’t omit the inspirational biography at the back of the interesting new Lifetime motion [...]

The Musical as Drama by Scott McMillin

By Scott McMillin Derived from the colourful traditions of vaudeville, burlesque, revue, and operetta, the musical has [...]