Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing by Robert Wolff

By Robert Wolff • Explores the life-style of indigenous peoples of the area who exist in whole concord with the flora and [...]

Angels and other Mysteries of the Tree of Life (Izvor by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

By Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov ‘Think for a minute approximately what electrical energy is and the way we use it, and you'll [...]

An Interview With Israel Regardie: His Final Thoughts and by Christopher S. Hyatt

By Christopher S. Hyatt Israel Regardie (born Francis Israel Regudy on November seventeenth, 1907 in London, England) was [...]

The Holographic Canvas by Sonia Barrett

By Sonia Barrett The Holographic Canvas explores many percentages one among which increases the query "is Earth as we all [...]

World Religions and Islam: A Critical Study – Vol. 1 by Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi

By Hamid Naseem Rafiabadi Show description [...]

Mysticism, Mind, Consciousness by Robert K. C. Forman

By Robert K. C. Forman Challenges the present view that mystical adventure is formed through language and tradition and [...]

Gnostic apocalypse : Jacob Boehme's haunted narrative by Böhme, Jakob; Böhme, Jakob; O'Regan, Cyril

By Böhme, Jakob; Böhme, Jakob; O'Regan, Cyril Argues that the discourse of Jacob Boehme represents the go back of Gnostic [...]

Nos, Book of the Resurrection by 55 Club, Visit Amazon's Miguel Serrano Page, search results,

By 55 Club, Visit Amazon's Miguel Serrano Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Miguel Serrano, Nos, e-book of [...]

SWEDENBORG AND ESOTERIC ISLAM (Swedenborg Studies) by Henry Corbin

By Henry Corbin This quantity makes essays by way of Henry Corbin, the eminent French pupil of Islam, to be had in English [...]

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism by Gershom Scholem

By Gershom Scholem Concise details from the publisher: A choice of lectures at the gains of the circulate of mysticism that [...]