Caring for Family Pets: Choosing and Keeping Our Companion by Radford G. Davis D.V.M. M.P.H.

By Radford G. Davis D.V.M. M.P.H.

This e-book is helping puppy vendors totally comprehend what it capacity to deal with a better half animal, from picking out a puppy to veterinary visits and beyond.

• includes contributions from thirteen nationally well-known veterinarians who're board qualified of their respective fields

• features a bibliography with so much chapters

• contains a source checklist of extra info equipped via subject and sort of animal

• presents sidebars and tables supplying speedy reference information on well-being and disorder in pets

• Serves as a prepared reference for puppy proprietors in addition to a textual content for prime university and school scholars excited about veterinary medication and animal technology and health

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Pet-proofing your outdoors areas also takes time, and sometimes ingenuity. Owners are often surprised by how quickly their pets outsmart them and get into things that they have not thought of. Lawn edging is commonly used in newer garden and landscape projects to prevent grass from encroaching into flowerbeds. It is made of hard plastic or metal, and may include a rubber barrier. While this invention makes it easier to trim your flowerbeds, it also presents a severe hazard to pets and children and causes numerous lacerations that often require surgery.

7 The researchers were able to rule out the effects of severity of the heart attack, length of time that the participants had heart disease, other health problems, and age as influencing the participants’ outcomes; pet ownership still held as the strongest predictor of survival. In another study, people who had never owned a cat were found to have a much greater risk of dying from a heart attack. ” Because stress is a major factor in heart disease, along with blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, it is understandable that the beneficial decreases in the cortisol stress hormone that occur when pet owners interact with their pets might contribute to better heart-related outcomes.

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