Carbohydrate chemistry Volume 39 chemical and biological by Amélia Pilar Rauter; Thisbe K Lindhorst; Valquiria

By Amélia Pilar Rauter; Thisbe K Lindhorst; Valquiria Aragão-Leoneti

Content material: artificial Lipoarabinomannans as Inhibitors of Mycobaterial progress; Epoxy carbohydrate derivatives and analogues as important intermediates within the synthesis of glycosidase inhibitors; fresh layout within the inhibition of glycosyltransferases; Beta-N-Acetylhexosaminidases: Group-specific inhibitors wanted...; constitution decision of Lectins via X-ray Crystallography; Glycation: from molecules to lifestyles; Radical-mediated brominations at ring positions of carbohydrates - 35 years later; Glycosidases and diabetes sort II: mode of motion and healing views; fresh Advances in Enzymatic Synthesis of Heparin

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