Canal and River LevГ©es by PAVOL PETER (Eds.)


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Su-57 Self Propeller Gun (TopShots)

• contains unfastened decals and overlaying foil • choked with colour images The SU-57 is a Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, armed with fifty seven mm vehicle cannons. It used to be the 1st Soviet mass produced tracked self-propelled ant-aircraft gun. within the USSR it had the unofficial nickname "Sparka", which means "pair", concerning the dual vehicle cannon with which the car is armed.

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E. mica, diatoms, increase compressibility and produce an "elastic" silt. Work by machine — placing and compaction — can be inconvenient, particularly in rainy seasons. Gravels and sands have essentially the same engineering properties, and differ only in degree. They are easy to compact, little affected by moisture, not subject to frost action. Gravels are generally more perviously stable, resistant to erosion, than sands. With uniform sand ( C u < 3 ) , there is a danger of liquefaction in the loose state, as reported later.

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