C-H Bond Activation in Organic Synthesis by Jie Jack Li

By Jie Jack Li

Greener than traditional tools, C–H activation tools have flourished over the past decade and develop into specifically beautiful to natural chemists. Edited by way of a practioner during this speedily constructing box, C–H Bond Activation in natural Synthesis provides an summary of this interesting playground of chemistry. The booklet summarizes the cutting-edge in C–H activation for functionalization, permitting you to hold out reactions within the such a lot environmentally pleasant style with the least illness of by-products.

The preferred C–H activation reactions are catalyzed by means of transition metals. This ebook dedicates a bankruptcy to every of the next catalysts: palladium, rhodium, nickel, iron, copper, and cobalt. additionally, it covers radical-mediated C–H activation, fluorination through C–H activation, and C–H activation of heterocycles. utilizing a pedagogically useful technique, every one bankruptcy is split through the transition steel catalyst, no longer a selected transformation. this offers you an up to date evaluation of crucial themes of C–H activation.

The zone of C–H activation has skilled a flurry of job over the last 20 years, so the time is correct for a source that summarizes those robust instruments with you can layout and build heteroaromatic molecules. therefore, direct C–H functionalization tools are anticipated to proceed to enormously give a contribution to the challenge of eco-friendly chemistry: low-energy, waste-free, and atom-economic variations for the synthesis of natural fabrics and biologically energetic molecules within the twenty-first century. utilizing this ebook, you could perform environmentally pleasant reactions that allow the conversion of inexpensive and plentiful alkanes into necessary functionalized natural compounds.

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