Buddha's Tooth: A Thailand Adventure by Robert A. Webster

By Robert A. Webster

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Stu was awake, but only just. His head throbbed; his mouth was as dry as the bottom of a birdcage and, as he looked around, recognized this wasn’t his house. Where was his shabby wallpaper? Where was chunky? He then came to his senses and remembered were he was and what he was doing there. He could not, however, remember what happened last night. He recalled being in Happy World Bar and then going to a go–go bar, but everything else was just a blank. He checked his watch. It was three thirty-eight, which can’t be right, he thought.

Vitchae was sat crossed legged beside the sleeping Pon on his thin mattress. Vitchae’s eyes were open and staring straight ahead. Unsure of whether he was asleep or awake, Cenat gave a respectful wai to the old master. Vitchae felt Cenat’s presence and returned the wai. Cenat sat beside Vitchae, taking up the same crosslegged position. Cenat enquired about Pon and was relieved to hear he would be fine once the poison had been expelled from his system. He informed him of his meeting with Taksin, the arrival of the soldiers and the fact the King had been informed.

Several years later whilst on one of his jaunts to the temple, he was mimicking some young monk’s moves 54 with kendo sticks, he became aware of someone behind him, he spun around and faced a smiling monk, who looked around fourteen years old, about four years older than him. ” The monk introduced himself as ‘Jinn’ and instantly Dam knew Jinn was his brother. Many years had past. Although it was not the done thing to associate so closely with villagers, Vitchae, who was then Prime Master, noticing the friendship between Dam and Jinn, was not unduly concerned, after all Dam was a likeable lad and made him and the other monks laugh with his comical antics.

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