British Special Quality Valves and Electron Tube Devices by G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

By G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

British exact caliber Valves and Electron Tube units facts Annual: 1964-65 provides information on numerous particular caliber valves. the choice additionally offers details in several different types of exact electron tubes and units.
The textual content discloses details corresponding to heater, capacitance, features, working stipulations, and variety values. As for electron tubes and units, the choice offers the features, cathodes, normal operation, and greatest rankings.
The e-book may be of significant use to electronics designers, engineers, and technicians. Electronics hobbyists and end-users also will enjoy the textual content.

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C. F. Max. overall length : Max. seated length : Max. diameter : Min. lead length : — 38 19 38 451 38 19 mm. mm. mm« mm. V A 6-3 0-37 (approx) Ih MAXIMUM RATINGS (Absolute) V W mA mA V V 200 2-5 20 3 h 20 -vVgh - k 100 100 R g - k (fixed bias o peration) R g - k (cathode bias operation) 500 Acceleration (continuous operation) 2-5 Shock (short duration) 500 Tbulb 180 Va Pa Tk CAPACITANCES Ca-all less grid : kn kn g g °c (Measured on a cold screened valve) 0-2 p F ; c g _ a l l less anode : 2-7 p F ; c a - g : 1*1 p F CHARACTERISTICS Va(b) Ra Rk la gm μ ♦Noise factor ♦Optimum source resistance TRIODES.

All the stages of a valve's history—its design, manufacture, and eventual use—are linked by information loops which ensure that the design is practicable for efficient mass production and will meet the user's requirements. Manufacture and design, in particular, are so closely linked that a rigid separation of the present discussion into exclusive parts is not really possible. Thus, although Special Quality valve design, in at least some of its more important aspects, has now been discussed, the question of design inevitably carries over into the discussion of valve manufacture.

Care is taken to ensure that the pressure is not great enough to cause distortion of the cathode or excessive cooling by conduction. The specific resistance of mica is high, so that mica does not itself provide leakage paths. However, during the manufacture and life of the valve there will be some evaporation of volatile materials from the cathode. If these are deposited on the smooth surface of the mica spacers, leakage paths will be set up. The micas are therefore sprayed with magnesium oxide to provide a rough surface, so that any conductive path which is formed will be both long and discontinuous.

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