Book of crypts, Edition: 2nd by Dale Henson

By Dale Henson

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The terror congeals, black and hard, into a depthless, suffocating night. Suddenly, a glimmer of hope, like a piercing searchlight, slices through the black terror. You feel you may go blind staring at it, but it is too beautiful to tear your eyes away. As you gaze deeper into the radiant hope, you see that Elenia is its source. Oruam 2 ~ You dream of the innocent child-Elenia-sitting quietly upon a grassy hillside. As far as you can see, all is fair and beautiful. Fragrant peace hangs in the air.

In front of the house stands a weathered cart hitched to a stamping plow horse. Several men in black overcoats emerge from the house, bearing a large wooden box between them. If the characters identify their association with Jovis Blackwere and insist on viewing the body, the men relent. The men will carry the coffin back into the house if the characters insist. Within the dark box lies a once-beautiful woman. Thea’s paper-white face has been robbed of its eyes, though scarred skin has mercifully grown over the sockets.

Otherwise, the DM can refer to some other successful adventure. A Jovis Blackwere A tall man garbed in a black great-coat approaches you. His eyes fasten gravely upon you, “I am Jovis Blackwere, captain of the guard. It has come to my attention that your adventuring band is-how shall I say-effectiue in dealing with murderous beasts. I have just such a beast that needs tracking. ” If the characters negotiate the price, Jovis offers no more than 6 gp per week. Once the payment schedule is arranged, Jovis leads the party to the constable station (location 1 on the map) before briefing them further.

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