Billboard (28 May 2016)

Evaluate: Staying hooked up to the track & leisure simply obtained more straightforward!
Written for tune execs and fanatics. Contents supply information, stories and data for all genres of song, together with radio play, tune video, comparable net task and retail updates.

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The Fifth Patriarch, Hung-jen (605-675), continued the monastery, although at 41 another spot, which was to be the location of an historic turning point in the history of Ch'an. Out of it was to come the Sixth Patriarch, Hui-neng (638-713), sometimes known as the second founder of Chinese Ch'an, whose famous biographical treatise, The Sutra of Hui-neng, is revered as one of the holy books of Zen. In this memoir he tells of coming to the monastery of the Fifth Patriarch as an illiterate but precocious youth, having been spiritually awakened by happening to hear a recitation of the Vajracchedika Sutra, better known as the Diamond Sutra.

The first Zen archery lesson is proper breath control, which requires techniques learned from meditation. Proper breathing conditions the mind in archery as it does in zazen and is essential in developing a quiet mind, a restful spirit, and full concentration. Controlled breathing also constantly reminds the archer that his is a religious activity, a ritual related to his spiritual character as much as to the more prosaic concern of hitting the target. Breathing is equally essential in drawing the bow, for the arrow is held out away from the body, calling on muscles much less developed than those required by the Western draw.

Develop a pure, lucid mind, not depending upon sound, flavor, touch, odor, or any quality . . develop a mind 7 which alights upon no thing whatsoever. With this sutra as text, the Southern Ch'an masters turned ever farther away from intellectual inquiry, since even the mind itself does not exist. ) By the time of Hui-neng's death, China was basking in the cultural brilliance of the Tang dynasty. Oddly enough, the sect of Southern Ch'an, which was at odds with the intellectual life of the T'ang, was the Buddhist sect most prospering.

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