Best Chicken Breeds: 12 Types of Hens that Lay Lots of Eggs, by R.J. Ruppenthal

By R.J. Ruppenthal

Considering getting chickens? uncertain what type is better? if you are able to study which different types of hens lay plenty of eggs frequently, make stable pets, and healthy fortunately in small sized yards, you've got come to the suitable position. This brief ebook, that's a spouse to my yard Chickens for newbies: Getting the simplest Chickens, selecting Coops, Feeding and Care, and Beating urban poultry legislation (also to be had as an publication or in print on Amazon), provide you with details on 12 kinds of chickens that are most fitted for a small again backyard flock. As an advantage, i have integrated five extra breeds within the unique bird bankruptcy on the finish.

There's loads of loose details on-line approximately other kinds of chickens. it is nice to have this on hand, yet sorting via it might take loads of time. whilst i made a decision to get chickens, I spent many hours getting to know varied bird breeds in books and on the web. on the time, I had a small backyard within the urban. the one factor I knew approximately chickens used to be that the hens lay the eggs and the roosters make many of the noise!

From my study, I discovered that there are as many as one hundred seventy five other kinds of chickens on the earth. even though, in basic terms 12 chook breeds met my standards, that have been:
* commonplace and prolific egg layers
* cozy in an enclosed coop and run region
* ideally, now not too loud
* pleasant round humans

First, I in basic terms had sufficient room for 2-4 chickens, so it made feel to decide on a sort that will lay plenty of eggs. If a rooster from Breed A lays a regular of 2 eggs every week, whereas a Breed B rooster averages 4 or 5 eggs a week, then why would i need Breed A? that is a hundred eggs in step with 12 months as opposed to 200-250. If i am feeding those birds and retaining them for egg creation, then i would like my chickens to be desirous about laying. during this e-book, we are going to conceal the most efficient different types of egg laying hens.

Second, I heard that now not all chickens are cozy in enclosed areas just like the cop and enclosed run region i used to be development. a few breeds are flighty and fearful, who prefer to loose variety forever, and infrequently perching on fences and flying into timber in the event you allow them to out. yet different chickens deal with confinement good, stay satisfied in small areas, and are inclined to remain in a fenced backyard should you allow them to out to loose diversity. I placed the chuffed ones on my checklist.

While i admire to permit my hens to unfastened diversity within the yard, i can't do that all day, on a daily basis. Like such a lot of you, i've got an afternoon activity and am clear of domestic many of the day. while i'm long gone, our chickens remain of their coop and enclosed run quarter. whilst i am domestic, i'm going to allow them to out into the backyard. Getting them down from bushes and chasing them via buddies' yards isn't really how i would like to spend my evenings. except you might have an immense quantity of house, selecting birds which may deal with confinement is maybe a smart guess for you, too. you'll find them during this publication.

Third, with a small urban backyard and acquaintances shut on each aspect, i wished to discover a few quiet chickens. Roosters are the loud ones, and that i had no goal of having a hen (which are usually not wanted for egg construction and are unlawful in my urban anyway). although, a few hens crow a piece additionally, and this is fairly loud within the morning or once they announce that they've laid eggs. there's constantly an opportunity of having a noisy poultry from any breed, yet a consensus has emerged on which breeds are the quietest regularly. this knowledge took me the longest to discover, yet i'm going to prevent time through summarizing it during this e-booklet.

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They were developed in Australia from Black Orpington stock (hence the name, which is short for Australian Orpington). Their genetic lineage also includes Minorca, Langshan, and White Leghorn. They were bred in Australia as a dual purpose breed (for eggs and meat), but their egg laying capabilities quickly made headlines. 5 eggs in the course of a year. A single Australorp hen later set an individual record by producing 364 eggs in 365 days. What may have been a regional or national breed was quickly shipped all around the world.

French and English Marans chickens are exotic, but not because of their appearance. They are beautiful birds to look at, but this alone does not make them unusual, since many chickens are attractive birds. Marans qualify as exotic because they lay chocolate eggs. Do the eggs taste like chocolate? Unfortunately not, but their coloring is as dark brown as any cocoa. ) also produce a very dark egg. The Marans breed was developed in France, where both its fine white flesh and dark brown eggs were favored by chefs.

Despite the name, these chickens are not Polish. They probably entered Europe from the east, so someone thought they had come from Poland. The breed probably originated in Asia and was spread by the Mongols. Its first mention in historical texts was in the 16 century. However, an archaeological dig at a Roman site in Britain turned up the skull of a bird that perfectly fit today’s Polish chicken. So this may be one of the oldest breeds in existence today. Polish Chicken Facts Size Small, hens 4-5 pounds.

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