Authigenic Minerals in Sedimentary Rocks by G. I. Teodorovich

By G. I. Teodorovich

The current paintings. Authigenic Minerals in Sedimentary Rocks, is designed for the wide circle of lithologists, and likewise for the geologists and geochemists who're learning sedimentary rocks and ores. Its particular objective is to fire up curiosity between lithologists and geologists within the geochemical setting linked to the formation of authigenic minerals in sedimentary rocks, to inspire paintings in tracing the series of formation of those min­ erals, and to direct awareness to different genetic difficulties. The e-book in no way pretends to be a determinative atlas of the authigenic minerals in sedimentary rocks; its job is to attract the reader's recognition to questions of beginning and, whilst, to equip him with systematic wisdom concerning the actual and, specially, the optical homes of those minerals. moreover, the simplified chemical reactions indicated within the e-book wiIl allow one to tell apart related minerals, and also will enable him to notice numerous mineral deposits within the box. one other objective of the booklet is to acquaint chemists and geochemists with the homes of the minerals they examine in making chemical analyses, minerals that com­ monly happen as polymineralic aggregates within the samples which are tested.

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Authigenic quartz is found in many siliceous rocks (phthanites, jasper, radiolarian and spongian silicites), as cement in sandstones (especially in quartzites and quartzitic sandstones), and also in disseminated grains, aggregates, and zones of rock in cherty limestones and in some limestones and dolomites. 2. Fig. 4. Enlargements (overgrowths) of clastic quartz grains at the expense of siliceous cement, grading into the quartz and joining the quartz grain with the same optical orientatlOn. X 25; nicols crossed.

220. Rhodochrosite is uniaxial and optically negative. Apart from the color, rhodochrosite is distinguished from calcite by a test for manganese and by the fact that both indices of refraction for this mineral are higher than that for Canada balsam. These indices become somewhat lower with isomorphous admixtures of FeCOs and markedly lower with CaCOs. On heating, rhodochrosite dissociates in the interval 500-600° (an endothermic effect appears on the thermal curve) and an exothermic reaction occurs between 600 and 900°, resulting from the oxidation of MnO.

Nesquehonite is found in the indicated region in sulfate-carbonate rocks. Magnesite is associated either with anhydrite and dolomite or with minerals of the halite group in sites of chloride cementation. Hydromagnesite - 4MgCOs . Mg(OHh . 4H 20. A hydrous basic magnesium carbonate with the structural formula Mgs(COs)40H)z . 4H 20 and crystallizing in the orthorhombic system; according to some authors the mineral is monoclinic, pseudo-orthorhombic. 18. The mineral is white. It is found in compact (microgranular or fibrous) chalk-like masses, in powdery and tuff-like masses, and also in small crystalS forming fan-shaped radiating aggregates or forming small spherulites.

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