Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the by Jalaja Bonheim

By Jalaja Bonheim

Incorporating a big choice of women's voices and relationships, including historical goddess archetypes, this certain quantity takes an intimate examine the transformative energy of women's sexual experiences. unique. 25, 000 first printing".

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Her mother was a hardworking, devout Mormon, as well as a frustrated, angry woman who believed that the only way to teach children their lessons was by hitting them. In her father’s arms, Roseanne would find refuge from her mother’s blows. But there was no place to hide from his derisive, sexist comments, which planted the seeds of shame in her young mind. Simultaneously, her Mormon upbringing instilled in her a deep fear of sexual pleasure: My grandmother still wore the garments Mormons are supposed to wear, which went from her neck to her ankles, and which were never to leave her.

All my senses felt hungry for the chaos of smells, colors, and teeming life that now surrounded me. Delighted as a child in a zoo, I wandered through the tangled jungle of gods and goddesses, demons and deities, saints and sacred animals who inhabited every street corner, serenely showering their blessings on the madness of modern India. Within a few weeks of my arrival, an Indian family adopted me, and simultaneously I found my dance teacher. The sharp sound of her stick beating out the rhythms of the dance soon became dear to me, and I would listen for it as I walked up the narrow alleyway to her tiny apartment.

May she bless us to know that we and she are one. MOTHER, LOVER, PRIESTESS Sexuality is the way we are intimate with our own feeling states; the way we are moved by the diamonds of rain on a spider web; our paintings and letters; our laughter and stews; our persuasions and politics. Sexuality is our moment-by-moment, changing relish for who we are. Sexuality is our willingness to let ourselves really show in the world. Carolyne Edwards Roseanne is a heavy, motherly woman in her late fifties, with a kind face and a deep passion for family and children.

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