Angels and other Mysteries of the Tree of Life (Izvor by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

By Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

‘Think for a minute approximately what electrical energy is and the way we use it, and you'll have a few concept, in spite of the fact that approximate, of God. We use electrical energy to heat and light our homes, and tool every kind of machines and home equipment, yet we need to be very cautious of ways we deal with it, for you'll be able to reason an coincidence. Direct touch with an electrical present could be deadly. in an effort to harness and use it with no possibility, we need to channel it via transformers. an analogous will be stated of God: God is sort of a natural present of electrical energy which has to go through transformers earlier than it reaches us. And the transformers that God makes use of are the numerous luminous beings that populate the heavens, recognized to culture because the choirs of angels or angelic hierarchies. it really is via them that we obtain divine lifestyles; it really is via them that we will keep in touch with God.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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The Sephirotic Tree is designed to teach neither astronomy nor cosmology. The truth is that no one can say exactly what the universe is or how it was created. The Sephirotic Tree represents a systematic world-view that is mystical in nature, and whose origins can be traced back thousands of years. The exceptional beings who conceived it had no telescopes or long­ distance lenses through which to study the stars. It was through meditation, contemplation, and the intensity of their inner life that they were able to grasp the cosmic reality and render it intelligible with the help of images and symbolic descriptions.

In this context, of course, music must be understood as meaning more than an arrangement of sounds created by human beings and perceptible to human ears. The term ' music of the spheres ' expresses primarily the harmony that unites all the elements of the universe in a concordance founded on the correlation of numbers. Harmony is above all a structure, and it is when this structure descends to the material plane that it becomes a creator of forms. In this sense harmony is the expression of reason, of wisdom; this is why harmony is also identified with the Logos, the divine Word.

Twenty-two in all. :! J Kaph The twenty-two paths and ten sephiroth add up to what is known as the thirty-two 'paths of wisdom.. which belong symbolically in Chokmah. You will better understand the nature and function of these thirty-two paths if you see that they relate to the thirty-two teeth of a human being. Indeed. do we not speak of 4 The names of the five aspects of each sephirah are given in Hebrew characters alongside the il lustration of the Sephirotic Tree at the end of this volume. Introduction to the Sephirotic Tree of Life 31 wisdom teeth?

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