Ancient Ammon (Studies in the History and Culture of the by Burton MacDonald, Randall W. Younker

By Burton MacDonald, Randall W. Younker

This paintings is a presentation on a humans of Transjordan recognized to readers of the Bible as a neighbour, and sometimes an enemy, of first millennium B.C. Israel. issues comprise a assessment of archaeological study in Ammon, the emergence of the Ammonites, and Ammonite territory and websites.

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E RegiQ/wl Sravry. Berrien Springs, MI: Institute or Archaeology, 1987 Andrews University. REVIEW 01<' ARC I-IAEOLOG ICAL RESEARC I-I 27 Ibrahim, M. 1972 Archaeolobrical Excavations at Sahab, 1972. Al/lll1al f!! Ille &/)(Irlmmt f!! Allliqllitiis f!! Jordan 17: 23 36, 1974 Seco nd Season of Excavation at Sahab, 1973. Allllllal f!! Ihl Department f!! Jordal/ 19: 55 61; 187 98. 1975 Third Sea50n of Excavations ,It Sahab, 1975. AlIlIlIal rif Ilu Dep(lrtl1ltnt rif AlltiquitilS f!! Jordan 20: 69 82; 169 78.

3 This oppression extended north of the Jabbok to Jabesh-gilead (J udg 10: 17) which is generally associated with Wadi al-Yabis. 4 The Ammonites are, moreover, said to have "crossed the Jordan to fight against Judah and against Bcnjamin and against the house of Ephraim" (Judg 10:9). Finall y, according to I Sam 10:27I I: I I, Nahash, king of the Ammonites, oppressed the Gadites and the Reuben ites living beyond the Jordan and besieged Jabesh-gilead ( I Sam II: 1- 2). Thus, there are indications of competition on the part of the Ammonites on the one hand, and Israelite tribes, on the other, for {CrritOlY, especially east of the Jordan Rivcr.

Zayadine and Thompson 1989: 170; Millard 1991: 141 ). Finally, a cup found in an Iron 11 tomb at Khirbat Udhayna in southwest 'Amman is engraved with the name of its Ammonite owner (Hubner 1991: 30- 31 ). It is also dmed to the sixth century (Israel 1997: 106). " One tomb in 'Amman yielded the simple seal of Adoninur, servan t of Amminabad, who was probably the king of Ammon mentioned by Ashurbanipal. A Baalis seal impression, that is, a bulla, was found in the excavation of Tall al-

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