Allergy and Tissue Metabolism by W. G. Smith

By W. G. Smith

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At that stage the cells closely resembled those seen in alcohol-fixed mesentery subsequently stained with toluidine blue. The changes in the refractile properties of the mast cell granules were considered to be a manifestation of the release of some substance from binding either within or on the surface of each granule where it was osmotically inactive. Once free, the released material was osmotically active ; water entered the cell and swelling resulted. The released material was probably histamine, freed from its known binding with heparin.

If the inflicted injury was of sufficient magnitude, the leucocytes adhering to the inner surface of the endothelial wall, then migrate through it into the connective tissue. The time taken for a single cell to accomplish this may vary from 2 to 12 minutes. The passage of one cell facilitates the passage of others. Frequently several cells follow one 46 after the other the same route to the perivascular space. In addition to the white cells (almost exclusively polymorphonuclear neutrophils), some red cells emerge passively pushed out through minute breaches in the vessel walls into the rapidly accumulating oedema fluid in the injured tissue.

Haemoconcentration occurs in mice under1 5 8 1 59 going anaphylactic s h o c k , ' and mice surviving anaphylactic shock 1 60 exhibit marked lowering of rectal temperature. 1 61 Fox, Einbinder and Nelson have studied the anti-anaphylactic activity of a wide range of pharmacological agents in mice. The animals were sensitised with four intraperitoneal injections of 50 mgm. horse Anaphylactic shock in experimental animals 31 serum. All drugs were administered prior to challenge and protection gauged by survival of sensitised mice compared with incidence of fatal anaphylaxis in untreated sensitised mice.

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