Agency without Actors?: New Approaches to Collective Action by Jan-Hendrik Passoth, Birgit Peuker, Michael Schillmeier

By Jan-Hendrik Passoth, Birgit Peuker, Michael Schillmeier

The query of supplier is a key factor in social conception and learn. The discourse of human business enterprise as an impact of social relatives is deeply intertwined with the historical past of sociological concept. even if, in newest discussions the function of non-humans earnings a considerable influence touching on organisation. Agency with no Actors? New techniques to Collective motion asks: Are nonhumans lively, have they got corporation? And if that is so: how and within which varied ways?

Consequently, Agency with out Actors? New techniques to Collective motion

  • outlines a variety of novel money owed that hyperlink human and non-human agency
  • tries to appreciate social-technical, political and environmental networks as assorted varieties of organisation that produce discrete and identifiable entities
  • asks how varieties of (often conflicting) employer and brokers are unusual in perform, how they're maintained and the way they intrude with every one other.

By learning the massive influence of the position of non-humans in reference to human family members, the ebook goals to increase the discourse on business enterprise and investigates into the various attainable modes of human and nonhuman interplay.

This booklet is vital analyzing for college students and students of sociology, technological know-how and expertise reviews, social anthropology, animal experiences, environmental reviews and social theory.

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Stronge and M. Michael From this perspective, our notions of agency seem to form a sort of bridge from the virtual to the actual, but this line of thought needs to be explored rather more deeply if it is to be more than an intriguing slogan. Moreover, to begin to develop any such orientation analytically, an underlying theory of process is required. Whitehead and agency The thought of Alfred North Whitehead offers just such a general account. In Process and Reality (first published in 1929) Whitehead expounds a rigorous and intricate philosophy of process which takes, as its starting point, indeed “sole justification”, “the elucidation of immediate experience” (Whitehead 1978: 4).

Whitehead, as intimated earlier, elaborated a general and resolutely post- or non-­humanist metaphysics. His “actual occasions” operate in the same way within a “society” of electrons and a conventionally “sociological” milieu. In fact, Whitehead would repudiate any fundamental discrimination between these two domains as a misbegotten consequence of the bifurcation of culture and Nature. Further, as also emphasised above, he posits experience as an absolutely irreducible element of the real (Whitehead 1978: 167).

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