ABC Practical Guide to Dog Training by Steven Appelbaum

By Steven Appelbaum

With the proliferation of titles available in the market at the present time, why one other booklet on puppy puppy training?

Because most of them sound really good, yet do not work! And the canines being knowledgeable frequently advance difficulties therefore.  Frustrated puppy proprietors are trying to find functional, humane solutions -- that offer results.

The skilled method contained in The ABC functional education Guide has confirmed itself with over 40,000 puppy proprietors around the usa and Canada who've stumbled on their solutions ""as basic as ABC.""

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The specifics of how to teach foundation-level obedience off leash can be found in Chapter 7 of this book. However, the principles of consistency really need to be understood here. 3. Understand why behaviors take place and deal with problems by dealing with the cause. When owners learn to do this, they will not just be reacting to what are often symptoms of an underlying problem. 22 If You Have a Dog, You Are a Trainer 4. Learn basic training techniques and then follow rules one and two. All owners need to understand the principles of prevention, maintenance, redirection, reward and correction.

Another example: The dog gets frantic each time you pick up the leash, because you always take her for a walk if you pick up the leash. If you start to pick up the leash 30 times a day and not take her for 45 ABC Practical Guide to Dog Training walk, the dog will come to ignore the leash because it means nothing to her. Back-chaining This means teaching the last behavior in a sequence first, then adding the other behaviors in reverse order until the dog learns a complete behavior sequence. Here’s an example: When the doorbell rings, you want the dog to go to the front door and sit on a mat while the door is opened and guests are invited in.

This is why it is so important for your dog to understand what you want before you use corrections. Finally, let’s discuss how dogs typically respond to stimuli. RESPONSES TO STIMULI There are eight types of responses to stimuli: 1. Single event learning 2. Orienting reflex 3. Desensitization 4. Sensitization 5. Adaptation/flooding 6. Learned irrelevance 7. Back-chaining 8. Pattern training Single Event Learning The dog judges every event that occurs in her life as either relevant or irrelevant.

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