A Wizard Abroad (digest): The Fourth Book in the Young by Diane Duane

By Diane Duane

To provide Nita a holiday from magic, her mom and dad pack her off for a stick with her eccentric aunt in eire. yet Nita quickly reveals herself with a bunch of Irish wizards fighting creatures from a nightmare land.

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But look… this kind of thing isn't safe. If a nonwizard falls into this. " "You got that in one," Ronan said, looking grim. "Jeez, Kilquade. Kilquade was supposed to be comparatively quiet. Not like Bray. " "Things have become very unquiet up that way," Nita said. "Do you have a Senior around here that we can go and talk to? " "Sure. " Page 46 "Then let's get up there. I'm on active, and I don't know what for, and if I can't do wizardry for fear of overlays, I am going to have a nasty problem on my hands.

Ath na Sceire Enniskerry It was at that point that Nita realized she needed expert help, and she needed it fast. She pulled out her manual the next morning, and began going through it looking for the names and addresses of the local Senior Wizards. Addresses there were - there were four Seniors for Ireland, one of whom was on retirement leave, two of whom were on active assignment and hence not available for consultation, and one, the Area Advisory, who was located in a place called Castle Matrix.

This going "sideways" thing. " "Going "sideways"," Nita said, getting a little more irritable. "I assume you know about it. Well, it's happened to me three times in the past two days, and I don't mind telling you that I don't like it very much. " Ronan said. "We're notallowed to go sideways. " "Listen," Nita said, "maybe you're not allowed to go sideways, fine, but I did it, and not on purpose, let me tell you. " "Jeez," said Ronan, almost in awe. Nita smiled slightly. "My feelings exactly," she said.

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