A Pictorial Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Sálim Ali

By Sálim Ali

For ornithologists, usual historical past fanatics, environmentalists, and beginner birdwatchers, this revised variation of a 1983 ebook is key because the basically single-volume consultant on hand of birds in India. not like comparable books, which basically hide one sector or even then just a small component of species of their region, this quantity comprises all of the chook species present in the Indian subcontinent, proven in over a hundred colour plates from famous American chook painter John Henry Dick. The plates were prepared by means of family members in systematic order, and the writer presents concise info pertaining to prestige, dimension, habitat, and distribution.

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Usually solitary, may be in pairs or in small groups. Perch erect and motionless on branches for long periods, statue-like. Flight swift, but generally not over long distances. Food, insects and berries. Nest, in holes in trees. Eggs, 2-4. Incubation by both sexes. Young, altricial and nidicolous. Plate 7 12. 715. 716. MALABAR TROGON Harpacfesfasciafus REDHEADED TROGON Harpactes eryfhrocephalus WARD'S TROGON Harpacfes wardi 57(3) 57(1) Family ALCEDINIDAE: Kingfishers Usually of blue, green purple, brown or black-and-whiteplumage.

Legs and toes long and stout; claws short and strong. Wings short, pointed and concave beneath; tail shart, square or rounded. Sexes alike. Food, chiefly aquatic insects and other invertebrates. Walk and 'fly' under water, using h e wings for propulsion. Nest. domed, built near water. lincd with moss and leaves. Eggs, 4-5. Plate 1773. WHITEBREASTED DIPPER Cinclus cinclus 1775. r pallasii 69(13) 69(14) Family PRUNELLIDAE: Accentors or 'Hedgc Sparrows' Small. lcrreslrial spanow-like hirds. Plumage black, brown, grey or buff, streaked above and plain 01 strcaked helow.

Tliis habit has givcn the shrikcs the substantive name of 'butcher birds'. Voice, harsh calls a$ well as musical songs; most shrikes arc accomplishcd mimics of other birds' calls. Nest, a deep cup 01. tw~gs,graqs. , placed at moderate height in a thorn bush. Eggs, 3-6. c c~ollurioides BAYBACKED SHRIKE h n i r t s vitlatris REDBACKED SHRIKE h n i r i s c'o/lrrrio Ssp. ptroenicrtroides of 941 Ssp. isahellinrcs ol' 941 GREY BACKED or TIBETAN SHRIKE Lnnirrs tephmnofus RUFOUSBACKED SHRIKE Lunircs schach Ssp.

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