A Message from the Match Girl (Investigators of the Unknown, by Janet Taylor Lisle

By Janet Taylor Lisle

Janet Taylor Lisle - Message from the fit Girl
Investigators of the Unknown sequence, e-book 3

In seek of the reality approximately his historical past, Walter basically unearths extra mystery

Walter Kew has grown up with out a previous. Orphaned due to the fact that start and raised via his grandparents, he understands not anything approximately his mom and dad, who died in an coincidence. Obsessively fascinated by the mum he by no means knew, he turns to the occult, utilizing Ouija forums, crystal balls, and spells to arrive out to the opposite international. yet he's by no means had any luckuntil now. strolling domestic from college, Walter hears what he thinks is his mother's voice--faint, yet very actual. even supposing he can't relatively comprehend her phrases, he's confident she's attempting to inform him whatever. together with his buddies Georgina and Poco, he appears to be like for clues. Their quest takes them to a statue of the Little fit woman within the park, the place youngster Walter used to be photographed together with his mom. because the 3 investigators chase the secret, Walter will study extra approximately his past--and his present--than he ever notion possible.

This booklet incorporates a own heritage by means of Janet Taylor Lisle together with infrequent photos and never-before-seen records from the author's personal assortment.

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