356th Fighter Group in WWII

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Une-lip Malmstrom, Knudsen*, Brearley*, Vossler White, Craig, Holtz, Wyatt Burke, Clayborne, Smith, Earnhart Engel, Peel, Meholic, Weber Krieger, L' Heureux, Kress, Adams Halverson, Knapp, Hockmeyer, Hall Parker, E. Cook, Vitali, Maxwell Johnson, Borelli, McLaughlin, Fletcher Dunn, Walters(spotters) Wood, Engelhorn, Hewelt, Fremaux Strait, McDowell, Leyser, Perrin Gansberg, Burns, Korhorn, Thwaites Campbell, Jack, Lee April 10 (#85) LlCol. Tukey led a withdrawal support from 0900 to 1240. Landfall came at 0956 near Le Treport, RN at 1037 southwest ofTours.

Southeast of Nijmegen, a Me 109 was sighted and downed by a pair of 359th pilots. While the other two squadrons stayed with the bombers, the 359th strafed in the Munster area, claiming 3-0 locos, 0-5 railcars, 1-0 truck, and 0-1 flak lower. (Maj. Baccus' flight shared in 1-0 loco and the railcars, Lt. Peet claimed 1-0 loco and the flak tower, Baccus claimed the truck, and Capt. White and Lt. The bombers were brought back to the coast without incident and left in mid-Channel. 5)Me 109 dest(air) SE Nijmegen Lt.

5)Go 242 dam(grd)@@@ Lt. H. 5)Oo 242 dam(grd)# Notes: Today was the last operational mission for Maj. Krieger, CO of the 360th. He would stay on as commander, however, umil the end ofthe momh. 361st: April 23 (#96) Col. Malmstrom led a sweep from 1300 to 1650. The group crossed in at 1343 near Ostend then proceeded to Hagenau Airfield. The 359th led the attack by dropping parachute frag-bombs, followed by the other squadrons dive-bombing the field. After this, most pilots made from three to five strafing passes claiming 6 kills, but flak gunners knocked down Col.

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